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Rise and sparkle with a bubbly wine

Rise and wine!

Golden bubbles by the thousands.

It’s a time to let the world sparkle with bubbly love and affection.

Let’s break out the Spanish Cava, Italian Prosecco, American sparkling wines and French champagne.

To me, Valentine’s Day is every day when it comes to sparkling wine. I don’t wait for a special occasion to enjoy their silky elegance and neither should you. Here’s my rundown:

Cava represents one of the best values among sparkling wines. This Spanish bubbly is made just like French champagne with two fermentations, the second in bottle, which creates tons of tiny, bursting bubbles and a creamy, distinctive mousse. The biggest difference is the grapes...

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Wining and dining to Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot

The Hercule Poirot party guests were dressed to the nines: From left, front row, Mike Kiskiel, Pat Montaperto, Lisa Corey and Mary Lee Harrington; back row, Alex Madsen, Erika Larson, Betty Santagati, Tracey Clark and Dean Serrentino.

By Jim Campanini, IWS

If you’re thinking of doing something new and exciting in a the new year, why not go on an adventurous food and wine tour – and from home.

Sound interesting? It’s fabulous. It’s also less expensive than going on a wine cruise.

The Wine Novice in the (brief) role of Hercule Poirot with the Wine Goddess.

Books, bottles and a Belgian feast...

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